HEAT & SMOKE is, quite simply, the best, most spectacular and most accessible barbecue book ever written. It is witty, but it is also wise: bursting with innovative ideas, simple explanations, and examples of the techniques that will turn your backyard barbecue meals into masterpieces.


With exquisite pictures by ace food photographer Dean Cambray, HEAT & SMOKE has been masterminded and written by Melbourne barbecue guru Bob Hart who will take you, step by step, through the processes involved in getting much, much more from your backyard endeavours and dealing – in innovative and delectable ways – with all of your favourite barbecue ingredients, as well as many you may not have considered.


Beef, pork, lamb and chicken feature. But so do such things as mussels cooked in a way that will astonish you, calamari seared over coals, salmon cooked on cedar planks, vegetables transformed into feature dishes, cheeses made meltingly delicious and an array of enchanting barbecued fruit creations.


Read and absorb HEAT & SMOKE, and your backyard will never taste the same again: your kitchen, in fact, may well become the quietest room in the house.


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Author: Bob Hart
Photography: Dean Cambray

HEAT & SMOKE is a stylish and eye-catching book of 132 pages with high-gloss flexi covers and functional French folds. The fold from the front cover carries a listing of the temperatures at which meats are cooked. And the fold from the back cover lists the fresh herbs that have most to offer for grillmasters, and the proteins to which those herbs can make the most valuable contributions. Both folds are interactive, in that they can be folded into the book to provide instant reference for recipes, and to mark places.

This is a book to be kept close at hand whenever a barbecue is fired up.

The array of recipes is comprehensive, but not overblown: every recipe is achievable even by barbecue novices, and the range of ingredients used are widely available. You will not be bamboozled by recipes that you will never use, or by recipes that do not relate to barbecues – things that negate the value of most barbecue books written by conventional (as against smoke-addled!) food writers and chefs.

The secret revealed by this remarkable book is that it is the knowledge and the know-how that matter, and not culinary virtuosity. That, and a grasp of the basic philosophies of the dark art of real barbecue.

This is a unique collection of "real" food – dishes that were freshly prepared by the author on a range of his own barbecues, and photographed either on the grill, or while they were still hot, by one of the world's finest food photographers.